Jour Fixe in Vienna: Turkey and the war in the Arab world

July 17, 2016 admin

IMG_4573June 17th 2016

with Dr. Hakan Akbulut, Scientific Researcher, Austrian Institut for International Affairs

The projects research cluster ‘Conflict and Development’ regularly invites interested colleagues to discuss current developments in the Middle East. After a first event in the beginning of April which revolved around developments in Syria, the latest session questioned the role of Turkey in the region.


In the course of the last years both media as well as academia focused increasingly on Turkish foreign and domestic policy. In the center of attention is the involvement of Turkey in the wars of Iraq and Syria, the escalations in the Kurdish territories, the repression of scientists, intellectuals and journalists, as well as the agreement on the regulation of the movement of refugees between the EU and Turkey. Within our Jour Fixe these dynamics and their potential interconnectedness had been discussed. Designed as an open forum, the Jour Fixe is a place to exchange ideas, questions and common reflections.