Brainstorming session on research agendas within a colonial context

December 15, 2016 admin


The Center for Development Studies (CDS) held a brainstorming session that discusses the research trends and agendas in relation to development in the colonial context.
The session was attended by dozens of academics and students from different departments and specializations. It focused on the structure of the research agenda and the conceptual arguments it triggers. Furthermore, the session tackled the importance of methodological framework developed by the CDS in an attempt to challenge the reality of fragmentation imposed by Israel’s occupation and the widening gap it created between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The CDS has been focusing on developing a proper methodological approach to challenge the obstacles and structural impediments to the research process in its various phases, especially in terms of empirical research, surveys and field research, and to therefore to introduce the best possible ways to research the entirety of the fragmented Palestinian communities (in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip,1948 Palestine  and the diaspora).