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The Project Rooting Development in the Palestinian Context integrates and builds on the developmental challenges, experiences, and popular strategies of various segments of the Palestinian population in the Westbank, the Gaza Strip, Jordan and Lebanon. It derives from the particularities of the Palestinian people and the specific challenges faced as a result of the fragmentation and territorial displacement from decades of Israeli rule.
Through bridging the divide between academic knowledge producers, community-based knowledge and development strategies, the project aims at building alternative knowledge and practices of development that move beyond Eurocentric, Western models.

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About us

Founded upon the previous APPEAR project, the Center for Development Studies (CDS) at Birzeit University (BZU) and the Department of Development Studies (DDS) at the University of Vienna continue to deepen and articulate an alternative vision for development.

The project integrates and builds on the developmental challenges, experiences, and popular strategies of various segments of the Palestinian population in their different locations, in order to bridge the divide between academic knowledge producers and community-based knowledge and development strategies.

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  1. To work out the Palestinian development agenda Rooting Development by establishing a community of critical knowledge producers (researchers, intellectuals, activists, political actors).
  2. To train new fieldworkers from Palestinian communities in Jordan and Lebanon.
  3. To establish an advanced training programme at CDS.
  4. To build an academic network for a young generation of researchers and fieldworkers from the Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Lebanon and Austria.

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Event: Lebanon – on the brink of War

We warmly recommend the upcoming VIDC event “Lebanon – on the brink of War”.   Time and location Monday, 12 March 2018, 19:00 – 21:00 Central Library Vienna – Am Gürtel, Urban-Loritz-Platz 2a, 1070 Vienna   Program Ghida Anani founder of the feminist NGO Abaad, Beirut   Nikolas Kosmatopoulos  American University Beirut   Chair Helmut Krieger Department

Radiobeitrag: Arabische Welt: Emanzipatorische Alternativen trotz Krise und Krieg? [GER]

  „Krise, Revolte und Krieg in der arabischen Welt“ titelt ein neues Buch als Ergebnis langjähriger Auseinandersetzung mit der Region und den Ereignissen, welche bereits im Kolonialismus tief verwurzelt sind, aber ihren Ausgang im anhaltenden Israel-Palästina Konflikt haben. Es finden sich Beiträge von Wissenschaftler/innen und Aktivist/innen, die sich gemeinsam der Herausforderung stellen, sowohl eine differenzierte

Lecture in Vienna: Embedded Development – Reconstruction programmes and the Multipolar War in Syria (in German)

Development Dialogue – Bethlehem

The Center for Development Studies, Birzeit University, held a Palestinian developmental debate and dialogue session in Bethlehem. Ten representatives of grassroots organizations in Aldheshah, Azzah and Aidah camps attended the meeting. The discussion tried to provide a critical and alternative reading for the developmental experience in the refugee camps. Additionally, seven of the s of

Fieldworkers Training Continues in Jordan and Lebanon

After the summer school in July, fieldworkers in Jordan (29/30 September) and Lebanon (22 October and 18/19 November) started their training sessions with an evaluation meeting about last year’s experiences and challenges.   Together with Ayman Abdul Majeed (Birzeit), the colleagues in Jordan discussed adjustments of their research proposals, varieties of research methods (oral history,